Manage all your links in one place.

Easily manage all your links in one place.
Say goodbye to tedious link updates!

Built For The Future

Focus on the important tasks

Managing your links is super easy with Ad Genius Pro. You can manage your links from different websites and pages in one place with just a few clicks.

Link Management

Add and manage all of your links in our platform. If you need to update them we’ll do the hard work for you.

Multi-Page and Multi-Website

We’ll insert and update all your links across every page of your website – or websites if you have more than one. Save time by doing it once in one place.

Link Shortening

Make those uglies and long links to look better and easy to remember with our Link Shortening Tool

Use it in every type of site

Use our platform everywhere. This is not a WordPress Plugin. This means that you can benefit from our platform features in every type of website, whether it is a website created by any CMS or a site built from scratch in any programming language.



Our servers are super fast. You won’t notice any huge difference.


SEO Friendly

Built with SEO best practices in mind to help you rank in search engines.


Time Saver

Update your links in one place – Apply the updates everywhere

Simple Pricing


Start your FREE plan now – Yes, we said FREE.


per month


per month

Free Package

Great for website owners who are just getting started and only need the basic features and support.

1 website

Manage up to 30 links

Link Shortening: Up to 100 non-branded links

Basic Support

What’s the catch? There’s no catch – We’re still developing and adding more features. As we add more features we’ll add different plans as well.

No code? No problem.

Managing your links is super easy. Just follow our instructions and you’ll be ready in few hours.